Why IoT?
The Internet of Things revolution has gained enormous momentum. An increasing number of devices are connected to the Internet, allowing them to sense, communicate, interact and collaborate with a network of other devices. Through smart applications, devices can be managed and valuable information can be collected and exchanged.
Organisations from various industries are discovering the wide-ranging advantages and opportunities that are created when devices are able to communicate through the Internet. IntElioT assists in shaping and implementing your Internet of Things strategy. IntElioT’s experts will find the suitable hardware and the best mobile data for your company.
Ready for IoT? Check.


Capture previously untapped information in a smart IoT portal and analyse it to improve your business performance.


With a selection of worldwide networks, IntElioT can offer the right mobile data for every IoT solution. (GSM, M2M, NB-IoT, LoRa)


You can make your products or services smarter through innovative hardware. IntElioT gladly assists in selecting the most suitable hardware.


IntElioT translates your IoT needs to a concrete, phased plan. We offer customised advice ranging from a quick scan to an extensive report.

Managed IoT

IntElioT offers a broad portfolio of ‘managed’ services across the entire IoT lifecycle of hardware, M2M, LoRa and portals.


IntElioT personalises its support to your IoT solution. Our enthusiastic and dedicated team is always happy to help!


Discover the possibilities of the Internet of Things with us.
  • Enhanced business processes
  • Improved customer experience

  • Generate new business opportunities

Markets in which we are active (i.a.):
  • Transportation & Logistics
  • Energy & Utility Providers
  • Financial sector
  • Security & Surveillance
  • Public Facilities
  • Manufacturing
Eliot Markets (logistics transportation construction payments energy) and benefits of IOT M2M machine to machine LoRa

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